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TFT Traits - TFT Scout

TFT Classes and Origins

Teamfight Tactics champions are the units players put into battle. All champions have traits that can help identify which work best together. The first is their origin which describes where the champion came from. The second is their class which describes how they fight when in battle. It is important to pair up champions that have similar origins and classes to earn bonuses for the team. Here is the list of all the current TFT champions and their traits.

Blademaster TraitBlademaster

Blademasters' Basic Attacks have a chance to trigger two additional attacks against their target.

These additional attacks deal damage like Basic Attacks and trigger on-hit effects.

(3) 30% Chance to trigger
(5) 60% Chance to trigger
(9) 90% Chance to trigger

Blademaster Champions

Blaster TraitBlaster

Every fourth Basic Attack from a Blaster fires additional attacks at random enemies.

These additional attacks deal damage like Basic Attacks, trigger on-hit effects, and can critically hit.

(2) 3 Additional Attacks
(4) 6 Additional Attacks

Blaster Champions

Brawler TraitBrawler

Brawlers gain bonus Maximum Health.

(2) 300 Bonus Health
(4) 700 Bonus Health

Brawler Champions

Celestial TraitCelestial

All allies heal for some of the damage they deal with spells and attacks.

(2) 15% Healing
(4) 40% Healing
(6) 75% Healing

Celestial Champions

Chrono TraitChrono

All allies gain Attack Speed every 8/3.5/1.5 seconds.

(2) 15% Attack Speed
(4) 35% Attack Speed
(6) 75% Attack Speed

Chrono Champions

Cybernetic TraitCybernetic

Cybernetic champions with at least one item (component or full) gain Health and Attack Damage.

(3) 350 Health and 35 Attack Damage
(6) 750 Health and 75 Attack Damage

Cybernetic Champions

Dark Star TraitDark Star

When a Dark Star Champion dies, all other allied Dark Star Champions gain Attack Damage and Spell Power

(3) +25 Attack Damage and Spell Power
(6) +35 Attack Damage and Spell Power
(9) +45 Attack Damage and Spell Power

Dark Star Champions

Demolitionist TraitDemolitionist

(2) Damage from Demolitionists' spellcasts stuns their targets for 1.5 seconds. (Once per spellcast)

Demolitionist Champions

Infiltrator TraitInfiltrator

Innate: At the start of combat, Infiltrators immediately move to the enemy's backline.

Infiltrators gain Attack Speed for 6 seconds at the start of combat.

(2) 50% bonus Attack Speed
(4) 80% bonus Attack Speed, refreshed on takedown
(6) 125% bonus Attack Speed, refreshed on takedown

Infiltrator Champions

Mana-Reaver TraitMana-Reaver

(2) Mana-Reaver attacks increase the mana cost of their target's next spellcast by 40%.

Mana-Reaver Champions

Mech-Pilot TraitMech-Pilot

(3) At the start of combat, three random Mech-Pilots are teleported into a Super-Mech.

The Super-Mech has the combined Health, Attack Damage, and Traits of its pilots, as well as 3 random items from among them.

When the Super-Mech dies the Pilots are ejected, granted 25 Mana, and continue to fight.

Mech-Pilot Champions

Mercenary TraitMercenary

Innate: Upgrades for Mercenaries' spells have a chance to appear in the shop.

Mercenary Champions

Mystic TraitMystic

All allies gain Magic Resistance.

(2) 35 Magic Resistance
(4) 105 Magic Resistance

Mystic Champions

Protector TraitProtector

Protectors shield themselves for 4 seconds whenever they cast a spell. This shield doesn't stack.

(2) 20% Maximum Health Shield
(4) 30% Maximum Health Shield
(6) 45% Maximum Health Shield

Protector Champions

Rebel TraitRebel

At the start of combat, Rebels gain a shield and bonus damage for each adjacent Rebel. The shield lasts for 8 seconds.

(3) 150 Shield & 10% Damage
(6) 225 Shield & 12% Damage
(9) 350 Shield & 15% Damage

Rebel Champions

Sniper TraitSniper

(2) Snipers deal 15% increased damage for each hex between themselves and their target.

Sniper Champions

Sorcerer TraitSorcerer

All allies have increased Spell Power.

(2) 20% Spell Power
(4) 45% Spell Power
(6) 80% Spell Power
(8) 125% Spell Power

Sorcerer Champions

Space Pirate TraitSpace Pirate

Whenever a Space Pirate lands a killing blow on a Champion there is a chance to drop extra loot.

(2) 50% for 1 gold
(4) 50% for 1 gold and 25% for a component item

Space Pirate Champions

Star Guardian TraitStar Guardian

Star Guardians' spellcasts grant Mana to other Star Guardians, spread among them.

(3) 30 Total Mana
(6) 60 Total Mana

Star Guardian Champions

Starship TraitStarship

Innate: Starships gain 20 mana per second, maneuver around the board, and are immune to movement impairing effects, but can't make Basic Attacks.

Starship Champions

Valkyrie TraitValkyrie

(2) Valkyrie attacks and spells always critically hit targets below 50% health.

Valkyrie Champions

Vanguard TraitVanguard

Vanguard champions gain bonus Armor.

(2) 60 Armor
(4) 250 Armor

Vanguard Champions

Void TraitVoid

(3) Attacks and spells from Void champions deal true damage.

Void Champions