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TFT Leaderboards - TFT Scout

TFT Leaderboards

The TFT Leaderboards will allow you to explore the top 100 players of any given region and any given tier. After selecting what you'd like to view, you can see how a player ranks, what region they're in, what tier they're in, how many league points they have, their win rate, how many matches they've done, and out of those matches, how many wins and losses they have.

You can sort these results by clicking on the table headings.

Rank Player Region Tier LPs Win % Matches Wins Losses
1GingggTRChallenger 163337.1%1324983
2777꼴픽랜드KRChallenger 148122.0%17338135
3RubicTRChallenger 144128.8%16347116
4QWEUAHSDIEUNEChallenger 141335.9%923359
5SeekN7eakEUNEChallenger 136425.3%25765192
6OmnîOCEChallenger 135224.9%22957172
7KR HyunTerTRChallenger 134129.5%1323993
8쪼해피롱KRChallenger 133919.4%25249203
9띵 땡KRChallenger 133618.7%32661265
10YucongNAChallenger 132920.1%20441163
11twtv RykomasteryEUWChallenger 131721.1%24251191
12Wet JunglerEUWChallenger 131319.5%1182395
13KrmxNAChallenger 131018.4%20738169
14C9 k3sojuNAChallenger 130821.0%21946173
15FluffyHSEUWChallenger 130620.4%14730117
16JMT 칼날부린KRChallenger 130013.3%22630196
17GrandVice8NAChallenger 128623.3%16338125
18VoltariuxEUWChallenger 127827.5%1093079
19SanChessKRChallenger 127624.5%14335108
20ThraeEUNEChallenger 127021.2%1182593
21LuqueEUWChallenger 126718.6%22141180
22TheAwareEUWChallenger 126516.1%19932167
23zugrugNAChallenger 126422.7%15034116
24KiyoonNAChallenger 125828.6%18252130
25SalvyyyEUWChallenger 125429.0%932766
26techzzBRChallenger 125123.2%1252996
27WedBRChallenger 124918.9%29656240
28SP 백기사KRChallenger 123822.1%24454190
29Thrae21czEUNEChallenger 122727.9%1042975
30Hi Im HadafEUNEChallenger 121921.0%13829109
31Cheche tft LASChallenger 121625.0%15639117
32G O A T T T TBRChallenger 120828.6%1193485
33SeraskBRChallenger 120234.7%1013566
34BlooddragonEUWChallenger 120019.6%16332131
35JMT 광어찡KRChallenger 120016.7%19232160
36UkkkkkoEUWChallenger 119422.6%19544151
37DarkHydraEUWChallenger 119116.6%16928141
38Poltsc2NAChallenger 119022.3%18441143
39KGE2KRChallenger 118819.5%21542173
40EKPE8UDOHTRChallenger 117921.9%21948171
41lAdastraTRChallenger 117720.7%22246176
42뚜두1KRChallenger 116819.8%21242170
43AceofSpadesITAEUWChallenger 116614.1%17024146
44HelltsBRChallenger 116022.7%1282999
45josepao1o twitchOCEChallenger 115822.5%17339134
46SCientistiC tftEUNEChallenger 115318.2%17031139
47JJPasakEUNEChallenger 115321.0%14330113
48롤체김병만KRChallenger 114716.1%23638198
49Treebeard TwTvNAChallenger 114621.6%31067243
50Kvothe48TRChallenger 114323.9%28969220
51Keane tftOCEChallenger 114135.2%883157
52Chubby13unnyOCEChallenger 113815.6%18629157
53playgoshaRUChallenger 113625.7%19149142
54OFC CuteEUNEChallenger 113414.8%15523132
55SlooperBRChallenger 113128.0%1183385
56AFTV 웃바KRChallenger 112220.8%15933126
57ZadustBRChallenger 112126.5%1133083
58enaekNAChallenger 112123.9%14234108
59엠브로돈까스KRChallenger 112018.7%28453231
60TwTvKoalaEsbeltoBRChallenger 111625.7%19149142
61GreenbeingLASChallenger 110632.6%953164
62XueOCEChallenger 110421.4%1172592
63강천둥KRChallenger 110016.3%20233169
64ToonTvEUWChallenger 109814.1%24935214
65CynârTRChallenger 109830.3%1193683
66ucbucpTRChallenger 109625.6%15640116
67뿔보의 신 김뚜헝KRChallenger 109512.1%18222160
68GooGieMonAOCEChallenger 108821.6%1162591
69WestbludTRChallenger 108616.7%20334169
70Ch1wyLANChallenger 108521.3%22548177
71JMT LuzeskyKRChallenger 108122.3%16637129
72Crims0n T1desEUNEChallenger 108018.2%1212299
73uL 바삭한빵KRChallenger 107823.5%13231101
74Youtube JjbgaeKRChallenger 107721.4%20143158
75HASHIDAEUWChallenger 107615.1%14622124
76PankroEUNEChallenger 106722.6%13731106
77스페셜황제초밥KRChallenger 106721.8%26658208
78Sunny LuEUWChallenger 106620.1%15431123
79Break AsapEUWChallenger 106525.2%15539116
80Sinfony98EUWChallenger 106514.4%21631185
81영판항KRChallenger 106418.8%16030130
825454XDEUWChallenger 106219.8%16232130
83HigaEUWChallenger 106022.7%15435119
84MÄRIØEUNEChallenger 105913.0%30840268
85CottontailNAChallenger 105618.1%25947212
86GliderEUWChallenger 105516.1%17428146
87czhxmmdOCEChallenger 105523.9%26463201
88ThundressoOCEChallenger 105122.0%1232796
89M35SNAChallenger 105118.6%1182296
90묻어가는존재KRChallenger 105014.8%16224138
91JustDreamLASChallenger 104740.6%642638
92Hide øn bušhLANChallenger 104628.2%1313794
93TFTACKKEUWChallenger 104418.3%20838170
94GirlfromnoxussLASChallenger 104317.9%19635161
95Flankes0TRChallenger 104129.8%1213685
96iHG VicerEUNEChallenger 103721.5%15834124
97lilsteppyNAChallenger 103522.6%932172
98teachmeshreddínEUWChallenger 103016.8%13122109
99INI MagarkyEUWChallenger 102617.3%15026124
100독 페KRChallenger 102320.5%19540155